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SpeakUpIf there was ever a time to voice our opinion, it is now while the proposal is still in the Legislature. The Governor’s proposal requires a two-third legislative approval. The contact information for the Governor and State legislators is on the bottom portion of this post and the opinion of their constituents does matter.

Tips for an Effective Letter
· Identify yourself early in the letter, include that you are a constituent and that you are writing on behalf of other individuals, if applicable.
· Give a reason for your letter and refer to the specific legislation in the first or second paragraph.
· Explain how the issue in question directly affects you, your community or your family.
· Try to use as many relevant facts as possible and back them up with sources, if available.· Be specific about the action you want your legislator to take, whether it is voting one way or another on legislation, expressing views on an issue, or sending you information.
· While you should make all the relevant key points, try to keep the letter short.  You should concentrate on one issue in your letter, rather than addressing a number of different ones.
· It is not necessary to type the letter to your legislators.  However, if your letter is handwritten, make sure it is legible
Sample Letter
Dear XXX
As a parent of a child in x grade, I was both outraged and saddened to learn about the Governor’s proposal to cut funding to our schools.  Year after year, we are being forced to fight to ensure that our children receive quality education they need and deserve.
Whenever the state faces a budget shortage, it seems politicians immediately attack our children and our schools to solve the problem.  That’s just not fair.  Our kids had nothing to do with creating the current budget problems and funding for their education is supposed to be protected.
The Governor’s proposal will severely damage our schools.  That is simply unacceptable. 
At a time when we are starting to see progress in student learning throughout California, which has the highest academic standards, this represents a giant step back. 
As a parent, I understand the challenges inherent in balancing a budget, but I strongly oppose the Governor’s proposal to take away funding from our schools.  Our kids and schools did not create this budget problem and their education shouldn’t be undermined because of it.  My child deserves better.  Please vote against the Governor’s proposal.
California State Legislators
· Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
To send an e-mail, visit his website at
· State Senator Bob Margett, 29th District
2605 E. Foothill, Suite A
Glendora, CA 91740
· State Senator Dick Ackerman, 33rd District
17821 East 17th Street, Suite 202
Tustin, CA 92870
· State Assemblyman Mike Duvall
210 West Birch Street, Suite 202
Brea, CA 92821
To send an e-mail, visit his website at
· State Assemblyman Bob Huff, 60th District
23355 E. Golden Springs Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

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  1. Cheryl

    YES! You can write to your representatives, listed above, and tell them you do NOT want any additional cuts to the education budget.

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