President’s Update: New Contract Ratified

On Friday, February 2008, we ratified the new contract. The meeting which was held at the boardroom of the ESC building was a great success.

We had a steady stream of participants through out the day with the majority joining the E- board for lunch. We had an especially good turn out from Custodial and Maintenance. The E-board were glad to see and meet so many of them. The Pizza lunch provided was very good and we all had a nice time, filled with lively discussion and camaraderie.

The atmosphere was on the whole cheerful and upbeat despite the concerns for the upcoming year. There was general discussion of the economic situation that faces California and the unit members were encouraged to write the Legislature and the Governor to urge them not to make the harmful cuts to education. I also encourage the Unit Members to go to the school board meetings, and to interface with the public to help us to forestall the Cuts to Education.

After all the Votes were tallied the new contract was ratified by 97% .Approved

Many Thanks to all of you, who could brave the weather and come out to support your Classified Family. I hope to see you all in the coming year and Please continue to check the website as we grow . We are Planning many events in the coming months.

Allyson Holt

Chapter 293, President.

7 thoughts on “President’s Update: New Contract Ratified

  1. Anonymous

    I have been laid off. My last day is June 30. How will i get my percentage if i will be gone?

  2. Kenny Wilson CSEA Organizer

    As of April 2008 the total increase is 4%.
    You will recieve it on your paycheck as long as you are employed with the district in April 2008 regardless of lay-off.

  3. G Fetter

    Thank you to all of you that were there to support those who could not be there, . . . it’s a numbers thing . . show face . . . be there if only for one meeting . . we must all give a little and we will get back something big !!. . . P.S. Dear Anonymous . . as Ally would say “Chin up” we are working on it, . . .
    We are holding a meeting Monday in the Bus drivers break room. . .”KNOW YOUR RIGHTS” about the so call lay off!!!!!! 4:00 on April 7th!!! BE THERE!!!!

  4. C Lawyer

    The “Know your rights” meeting was a huge succes. Thank you to Allyson, Gladys, Bill and Kenny and everyone you came out. I know your time is valued and we all really appreciate it.

    I know I came away from the meeting knowing that our Union is here for us. Please keep the information coming. I went back and posted the “Dear Mr. Cline” letter on our CSEA bullentin board. Hope that was OK.

    I was taught never to challenge authority, however after reading our contract I knew that something was out of line. This same exact situation happened to me last year and unfortuantly I didn’t get very far with the issue when I inquired. So I had to take the bump and take another employees position and she ended up without the benefits. I felt terrible, however I need to protect my family. Because the effect was very small last year, not many heard of “reductions” within our district. But darned if we aren’t going to get to bottom of it this year.

    Please stand up for your right. If you don’t know them, then ask!!!!!!!

    Chris Lawyer
    Library Media Tech.

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