“Why are maintenance supervisers and directors still taking dist. vehicles home when told not to?”

It may not be the answer you are looking for But…

redphoneIt is impossible for myself and Much of the E-board to be everywhere in the district, to watch what is going on. Thus, the Site Representatives… and Job stewards, That would be the kind of information that the Union Steward could then pursue. If you are aware of a violation like this then it needs to be reported in a way that can be acted upon. A vague statement Such as ” maintenance Supervisors and Directors” is not enough, we need names and dates to act on it. Continue reading “Violations”

Get Up! Stand Up!

handstogetherThe local newspapers are only reporting part of the problem.
Not only are teacher’s being cut, but the ARTS, MUSIC, LIBRARIES, and COMPUTER Classes are being “reduced ” or eliminated,
AND the support staffs for all of those programs are being “reduced” or eliminated.

Clerical, Custodial and More.
There are Far more cuts happening.
There are far more support staff and Classified personnel being laid off and reduced to the point where they will no longer have health insurance.
Sure the teachers are important but so are the rest of us.
It is horrible but they are Not more important than the other staff. “

Believe me the teachers won’t haul trash, scrub toilets, serve meals, run the libraries, answer phones, type memo’s, keep track of the day to day business in the offices, or

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Special Benefit’s Meeting Scheduled

Why it pays to be a member of CSEAbear
Special Guest: Ron Duva, CSEA Member Benefits
Monday April 14, 2008 at 5:15 p.m.
DEC Transportation Lounge during the regularly scheduled Union Meeting.
If you are a member already, come and find out about all the benefits you’re not aware of.
If you haven’t become a member, come and see what your $1.00 a month in Chapter dues could get you.

Reductions discussed at Schoolboard meeting.

Amongst many important issues discussed at the School Board meeting were the numbers for the reductions in staff.

Board MeetingAs many of you are now aware there will be reductions and layoffs for the coming year. The Superintendent announced firm numbers to the School board last night for both the Certificated and the Classified personnel.

The general plan is to Reduce non- personnel related expenditures, maximize what can be taken from Categorical Funds. The district plans to reduce short term and summer hours used by teachers and staff for planning.

Among the 7 District Office jobs being eliminated will be Director of Pupil Services, Maintenance Director , One Personnel Director, and the Visual Arts coordinator.

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Lay Off Fact’s from CSEA website

There are only two reasons classified employees can be laid off: “lack of work” and “lack of funds.”

If you are laid off, the district is required by law to give you 45 days notice. The law also mandates that layoffs occur by seniority within a single classification on a district-cseawide basis. In most cases, the last hired is the first laid off within a classification. (Some contracts determine seniority by date of hire as opposed to hours worked.)

If a district eliminates positions and lays off employees, it may try and shift their duties to other employees. However, there are restrictions that govern what the employer can do as far as transferring duties to other employees. If you are asked to take on the work of a laid-off employee, talk to a CSEA representative immediately.

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School Funding 101: From CSEA website

Although few of us understand the school finance process that results in a local district’s budget, it is important to know that we are all part of it.
As a voter, you determine the fate of school budgets—and ultimately, even your own pay and benefits.

school fundingYou vote for the state and federal representatives who determine school funding
You vote for the initiatives that frame our finance system
You vote for the school board members who determine how money is spent at the local level
Obviously the process matters, but how does it work, and what do you need to know. Here is a basic overview of some key components in the school funding process:

General purpose vs. categorical funding
There are two major types of state funding: general purpose and categorical. The majority of money that schools receive from the state is general purpose funding, which basically has “no strings attached.” Districts determine how to best use this money.

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