Reductions discussed at Schoolboard meeting.

Amongst many important issues discussed at the School Board meeting were the numbers for the reductions in staff.

Board MeetingAs many of you are now aware there will be reductions and layoffs for the coming year. The Superintendent announced firm numbers to the School board last night for both the Certificated and the Classified personnel.

The general plan is to Reduce non- personnel related expenditures, maximize what can be taken from Categorical Funds. The district plans to reduce short term and summer hours used by teachers and staff for planning.

Among the 7 District Office jobs being eliminated will be Director of Pupil Services, Maintenance Director , One Personnel Director, and the Visual Arts coordinator.

Also slated to be eliminated are 1 H.S. Assistant Principal, 11 Counselors and 1 Psychiatrist. Additionally there will be 9 teaching positions due to declining enrollment, and a further 16 teaching postilions due to the projected budget , as well as eliminating teacher and administration stipends at the elementary level.

The Opportunity program will be eliminated entirely, and these employees will bump or be laid off.

On the Classified side there are plans to reduce 12 Custodial jobs, Reduce 8 campus supervisors, some of which will bump and some of which will receive RIF notices.

One of the hardest hit areas will be the Library and Computer instructor staffs. Due to much of their categorical monies being spent, and no additional funds being granted, the district is looking to reducing their hours to 15 a week. This plan will reduce the hours of 29 positions and eliminate 26 others.

There are another 23 classified position’s that are clerical or otherwise scattered through out the district that will be reduced.

The District also plans to reduce Middle School Intramural stipends by 50%.

This is not a complete accounting of the planned reductions, however it is what was presented to the School board at last night’s meeting. The School board approved the plan and also approved an incentive for Certificated, and Classified to receive a $1000.00 for notifying personnel of their intentions to leave.

For Classified this will mean If you or someone you know is planning to retire or otherwise resign in June, and they are employed 20hours or more a week (benefited) they will receive $1000.00 for letting personnel know by April 1, 2008. This notice cannot be rescinded. If they are retiring they will have the additional benefit that their Insurance cost will remain the same as it is this year as long as they are eligible for coverage.

While this is not going to save everyone’s job, it will help to pull back some of those notices.

CSEA , Myself and our LRR Bill Lokay will be working with the Administration to minimize these and their effects.

As information changes or becomes available we will keep the membership informed.

8 thoughts on “Reductions discussed at Schoolboard meeting.

  1. Well i think its a [bad idea] to cut computer classes. Unless it’s elementary school computer classes. Computers are such an essential skill in this era. Not that elementary students don’t matter but I don’t think at that age they see the need to learn usage of the computer yet.

    I feel sorry for all that are losing their jobs. I met the Visual Arts coordinator last week and he organized a great show last week for all the choirs. With out him around ( i don’t remember his name) does that mean we won’t have the show next school year? I hope not thats not the case.

    I blogged about the cuts over on my blog

  2. Mike Hobson

    “One of the hardest hit areas will be the Library and Computer instructor staffs.” Is a decision I don’t think the Board thought out very well.
    As far as I know the Librarians and Computer Instructors all make sub -$13 dollars an hour. Why would it makes sense to cut these positions first?

  3. Martha

    Thank you for posting this information. I have a question. Do the state-wide changes effect the funds used for staffing? or does it effect the entire budget?

  4. Anonymous

    Wow that first comment kind of was a slap in the face and a wake up call to many. Let’s say we cut out reading at the elementary level also, after all we’ve already cut out their music. Let’s just remove anything that could possibly build not just their self esteem, but perhaps introduce them to the fundamentals of learning. I’m sorry but to take an age group and say, “NO WE DO NOT VALUE YOUR EDUCATION YET” is wrong. All our children are entitled to an equal and fair education, ESPECIALLY in elementary. This is where we can light the fire and see the spark of interest begin. If we take away from them during these vital times in their life, we loose them, they are our future, that’s what we ALL need to be looking at! This can not be a pick and choose, it’s got to be fair across the board!

  5. Anonymous

    Aren’t the elementary computer lab classes release time for the teachers? What will they do for release time if they cut back on hours?

  6. Anonymous

    I was told by personnel that i cannot work x2 – 3-hour jobs and still be eligible for benefits. I this true?
    I am a serior clerk and i was offered a 3.5 hour job which is impossible for me financially what are my chances of staying here and working ’til something with more hours and benefits comes up? AM I WASTING MY TIME STAYING?

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