Special Benefit’s Meeting Scheduled

Why it pays to be a member of CSEAbear
Special Guest: Ron Duva, CSEA Member Benefits
Monday April 14, 2008 at 5:15 p.m.
DEC Transportation Lounge during the regularly scheduled Union Meeting.
If you are a member already, come and find out about all the benefits you’re not aware of.
If you haven’t become a member, come and see what your $1.00 a month in Chapter dues could get you.

5 thoughts on “Special Benefit’s Meeting Scheduled

  1. The meeting does not need to be signed up for just come on over to the transportation lounge, Across the Bus lot at 5:15 on April 14th. and I anticipate it will be between 1/2 and hour to an hour depending on the needs of those present. But if you need to leave early there is no problem.

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