Get Up! Stand Up!

handstogetherThe local newspapers are only reporting part of the problem.
Not only are teacher’s being cut, but the ARTS, MUSIC, LIBRARIES, and COMPUTER Classes are being “reduced ” or eliminated,
AND the support staffs for all of those programs are being “reduced” or eliminated.

Clerical, Custodial and More.
There are Far more cuts happening.
There are far more support staff and Classified personnel being laid off and reduced to the point where they will no longer have health insurance.
Sure the teachers are important but so are the rest of us.
It is horrible but they are Not more important than the other staff. “

Believe me the teachers won’t haul trash, scrub toilets, serve meals, run the libraries, answer phones, type memo’s, keep track of the day to day business in the offices, or

Transport students…. and they shouldn’t have to. That is what we do. And we are proud to do it.
Classified employee’s “run” the day to day stuff at the schools so the teacher’s, administration, can carry on with the important business of teaching.
Teaching starts as soon as the children leave the house every day.
We all help.
This tragedy is affecting the WHOLE team. It is harming the Children all the way around.
The Classified Employee’s have children too who may not only have to be put in understaffed schools ,
but now they will have the added attraction of not having the basic necessities of life.

Food, shelter, Health care…..They feel it when their future is not secure.
There should be a far greater outcry against the Governor , the legislature and government in general.
They were “hired” to improve things not to tear everything we have built down.
Tell them there is a better way to “fix” the budget than on the backs of our children.
They need to find the money somewhere else.
We all need to stand up and say NO!

We need to stand up to the “Powers that Be” and demand equal consideration, and Demand to be heard .

We MUST attend Meetings where they decide OUR LIVES, and we must be prepared to make it very difficult for them to take our livelihoods away.

Allyson Holt
CSEA, President
Chapter 293,

9 thoughts on “Get Up! Stand Up!

  1. Lab Teacher

    Rick Davis already visited my school and told me that my hours are being reduced – I’ve been with the district for many years and it took a long time for me to get any benefits. Now without much explanation – but a simple “we had no choice” they are giving me 3 hours per day and taking away my health benefits. I need these benefits for my family and felt helpless when I was informed of this major change in my life. I’m happy that the Union is doing something about this, standing up for people like me. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous

    If there’s such a huge money problem – why doesn’t the district cut more administrative positions that cost the state more money – instead of trimming these library/lab jobs.

  3. Anonymous

    Rick also came out to our site and gave 5 employees a notice. Three were completely laid-off and two were only stripped from their life security, but more than welcome to continue their employment for have the pay! Thanks for the respect and the life lesson of dedication!

  4. It is impossible for myself and Much of the E-board to be everywhere in the district, to watch what is going on. Thus, the Site Representatives… and Job stewards, That would be the kind of information that the Union Steward could then pursue. If you are aware of a violation like this then it needs to be reported in a way that can be acted upon. A vague statement Such as ” maintenance Supervisors and Directors” is not enough, we need names and dates to act on it. I can go to the administration and say we are aware that this has happened But… to be really effective I need INFORMATION.
    We need the help of all of you. We need Site Reps, AND JOB STEWARDS,
    and we will train you.

  5. Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed how many supervisors, assistant directors, directors, assistant super-intend ants, and superintendants we have!!!! In some departments we have more Administrators than classified workers underneath them.

  6. G Fetter

    Dear Anonymous . . as Ally would say “Chin up” we are working on it, . . .
    We are holding a meeting Monday in the Bus drivers break room. . .”KNOW YOUR RIGHTS” about the so call lay off!!!!!! 4:00 on April 7th!!! BE THERE!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    I was told that the District was put on notice that Administrators can’t negotiate with individual employees on matters related to hours, wages, and working conditions. Is this true?

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