“Why are maintenance supervisers and directors still taking dist. vehicles home when told not to?”

It may not be the answer you are looking for But…

redphoneIt is impossible for myself and Much of the E-board to be everywhere in the district, to watch what is going on. Thus, the Site Representatives… and Job stewards, That would be the kind of information that the Union Steward could then pursue. If you are aware of a violation like this then it needs to be reported in a way that can be acted upon. A vague statement Such as ” maintenance Supervisors and Directors” is not enough, we need names and dates to act on it. I can go to the administration and say we are aware that this has happened But… to be really effective I need INFORMATION.
We need the help of all of you. We need Site Reps, AND JOB STEWARDS,
and we will train you.

We are very excited at the response to the website… please continue to check the site and make comments.

CSEA, President
Chapter 293,

6 thoughts on “Violations

  1. If you recognize that something is a violation, or are reasonably sire it is Check with your Job Steward. The Job Steward will know if it is a violation or they will find out. Contact information is on the website and Newsletters and at the regular meetings.
    Since we are in the process of recruiting Job Stewards you may NOT have one at your site. In that case contact chief Job Steward Ray Tschudy, Meredith Castillo . Or better Yet You could be trained to be a Job Steward and will be able to take action at your own sites.

  2. Anonymous

    With all the cuts being proposed, and the upper job classes ,eg; Superintendent D. Smith, from Placentia / Yorba Linda School district , has he took a cut in pay, if not how much does he get paid a year.

  3. Anonymous

    Not just Dennis – look at how many Assistant Supt, Directors, Assistant Directors, etc. How many of them are being protected by these cuts? Talk about violations, I never remember us having so many people in management. Even Personell is huge – has anyone seen how many people work in that department!!! I’m not sure how much Dennis makes – I heard his pay is approx. $210k per year! – Can someone from the Union check and post it here?

  4. Anonymous

    As of 4/23/08 the Govenor of Calif. makes $212.179, the Superintendent of public instructions makes $184,301, and it’s strange that the School Superintendent Dr. Dennis Smith makes a High Salary than the Calif. Govenor, and the Calif. School Superintendent, Dr. Dennis Smith makes $233,00 and some change plus what goes with his title. One must remember the Calif. Govenor does not currently take this salary.

  5. Anonymous

    Let’s take Mr. Smith or anyone in Managements bennefits away, cut their hours to 3.75 a day and hire a second person for 3.75 a day, to fill the shift, because the work is “there”.

    Then maybe they would see a clearer picture of what has been presented to the benefited classified positions.

    They could cut 1 of upper managements salaries to equal 5 benefits packages in classified.

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