Union Meeting Update

wagnerNothing has changed.  The district and union are still negotiating the layoffs of classified personnel.  This process will most likely continue into July or even August before there is a resolution.  The union is still standing behind NO REDUCTION OF HOURS.  Each position is being considered individually. 

Unfortunately, when the schools were offered the $5000 incentive to maintain a 25 hour library, there was no continuity within the district.  Each site was able to determine how those hours would be disbursed.  Chris and I are working to make sure that the union representatives Continue reading “Union Meeting Update”

What you should do if you get a layoff notice.

todolistEveryone has heard about Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed cuts to the education budget. When education funding is cut, our jobs are also on the chopping block. There are some things you should keep in mind if you’ve received a layoff notice or suspect that you might receive one.

Employees can only be laid off for “lack of work” and “lack of funds.” The district is required to give you notice at least 45 days before any layoff. Layoffs are supposed to occur by seniority. In most cases, the last hired is the first to Continue reading “What you should do if you get a layoff notice.”

Attend the School Board Meeting


What: School Board Meeting To Protect Our Job’s and our Children’s future
Where: PYLUSD District Office (1301 Orangethorpe, Placentia)
When: Tuesday April 22, 2008 6:00 PM

To provide the best education for the children of PYLUSD we must all work together. This means Teachers, Classified, Administrators and, the School Board. We can get through this budget crisis if we all work together to protect our children and our jobs. Staff cuts will result in harming our children’s future by Continue reading “Attend the School Board Meeting”

Member E-Mail

nopicI was able to make it to the meeting…late I thought.  As it turned out, I was the only individual present.  The meeting was intended to be a training meeting or refresher for CSEA site representatives.  However, since I was the only one present it also afforded me the opportunity to speak directly with Kenny Wilson, an Orange County CSEA representative.
Here is what I have been able to ascertain, which is really nothing new.  The district and union are still in negotiations regarding the layoffs and reduction of positions.  Nothing has been accepted from either side.   There should be Continue reading “Member E-Mail”

Proposed Lay-Off/Reductions Negotiations Update

updateThe CSEA and District negotiating teams met on April 9, 2008 from 9:15 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.
The CSEA team presented the district with an early retirement proposal we feel could make the district’s proposed lay-offs and reductions unnecessary. The district has asked for more information and agreed to explore this item further in our next negotiation sessions.

Please complete the survey on the back of this flyer and return to Allyson Holt in Transportation.

Click Here : To Download the Survey

Prevent These Unnecessary Reductions

cseaThanks to all of you who attended the KYR meeting and judging from the calls and comments i have heard you have taken the very important step of communicating with those who were not able to attend.

As we engage this employeer, the single most imprtant thing we can do is communicate with eachother ,and you are doing it masterfully.

Your Chapter leadership will be meeting Continue reading “Prevent These Unnecessary Reductions”