Layoffs and Reductions

There are Currently negotiations in progress on the matters of Layoffs and the proposed reductions of hours. Recently, many of you have been contacted by the District through Rick Davis to be told of a potential layoff and the proposed reductions of hours, that will cause the loss of benefits.csea

As previously reported, Layoffs can only be implemented for two reasons, the lack of work and/or the lack of funds. We all know that the work load is still there despite the declining enrollment, and we are told that there will be a lack of funds. MAYBE.

The fact is Rick Davis was instructed to begin the process of notifying those who would be affected by the potential layoff, letting those who had “bumping” rights know where they could go and what their options were.

As far as reductions of hours go, that is a negotiable situation, and has Not Been Agreed upon. Notification that there WILL be reductions of hours is premature. he Association and the District have only just begun our negotiations on this matter. There are many things to still be discussed, and as many people already know there have been people “recalled” already.

The fact is the Governor and the Legislature have not yet passed a budget. They don’t know what the budget is any more than you or I do. Understanding that the administration has to plan for the worst does not mean that they need to panic the possibly effected people unnecessarily.

There will be a school board meeting on April 8th, 7:00pm I encourage you to attend. Listen to what is said and BE VISIBLE. Be a FACE not just numbers on a tally sheet. April 14th is the regularly scheduled Union meeting at 5:15 at the School bus Driver’s lounge, across from the warehouse building, behind the buses, please come and attend get your information directly from US.