One Personal Experience

nopicRecently, many of you have been contacted by the District through Rick Davis and were told that come the end of this school year, your previous job, and all your benefits will no longer exist. This also happened to me. After thirteen years of loyalty, and lots of personal overtime I was also was informed that my six hour a day job was now gone! Oh but wait! I failed to mention that I was more than welcomed to return in September and continue my employment at my same location, to do the same work, for three hours a day!

Contrary to what the district is claiming, I am in fact being laid–off! Yes I have been given the opportunity to be the first one to claim the “so called” new position that will soon to be available to my school site, but the job I hold today – along with my benefits will  be history. I am a single parent with three children, trying to finish my education and without this job I will once again have to put my education on hold, just as our Governor is doing.

We must act now. Have you read the papers? Where in them does it state or give the true facts of how hard the classified employees are being hit with this statewide cut. I am just one person, and this is going to affect my entire family and if I must quite school to find a job with benefits, it will affect my future! How many more of us are there out there! You must be heard!

Without Classified employees our schools cannot function. Our teachers are already so overloaded in the classrooms and are unable to do the small stuff with their students. That’s where we come in. We are the classroom support system. We are the teacher support system. We are the district support system. Without us there is no system.

Please , Join us at the April 22 School board meeting at 7:00 pm, at the DEC Boardroom.

Stand up and be seen! Stand with us and don’t Allow the District to just sweep us under the carpet.

Gladys Fetter
Computer Instructional Specialist
Site Tech Rep
Topaz Elementary School
993-9977 ext. 7214

3 thoughts on “One Personal Experience

  1. Anonymous

    What’s not fair about this entire situation is that the cuts are happening where they can be barely felt – why don’t they retire/lay-off some of the management that makes 100k+ a year!

  2. Gladys Fetter

    That’s right, because their 100k takes out several of us, thus affect ing thousands of students ???? Hummmmmm

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