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nopicblueThe “Know your rights” meeting was a huge success. Thank you to Allyson, Gladys, Bill and Kenny and everyone you came out. I know your time is valued and we all really appreciate it.

I know I came away from the meeting knowing that our Union is here for us. Please keep the information coming. I went back and posted the “Dear Mr. Cline” letter on our CSEA  bulletin board. Hope that was OK.

I was taught never to challenge authority, however after reading our contract I knew that something was out of line. This same exact situation happened to me last year and unfortunately I didn’t get very far with the issue when I inquired. So I had to take the bump and take another employees position and she ended up without the benefits. I felt terrible, however I need to protect my family. Because the effect was very small last year, not many heard of “reductions” within our district. But darned if we aren’t going to get to bottom of it this year.

Please stand up for your right. If you don’t know them, then ask!!!!!!!

Chris Lawyer
Library Media Tech.

4 thoughts on “Know Your Rights

  1. We are happy to meet and explain your rights, when ever it is needed. Please encourage everyone to come to the April 22 school board meeting and be seen.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s hard to speak up sometimes, management likes to make us feel like we can’t say anything, that we don’t have a choice. I’m so happy that people are speaking up, that the Union is there, and that we have a “say” in this matter. I didn’t make it to the meeting – but will try to make it to the next one. Thanks again everyone.

  3. Kenny Wilson CSEA Organizer

    Thanks to all of you who attended the KYR meeting and judging from the calls and comments i have heard you have taken the very important step of communicating with those who were not able to attend.

    As we engage this employeer, the single most imprtant thing we can do is communicate with eachother ,and you are doing it masterfully.

    Your Chapter leadership will be meeting today to plan the next steps to empower the membership and prevent these unnecessary reductions. We will have a negotiations update out early next week as well as information on the April 22, 2008 board meeting.

    We need volunteers to help coordinate a thoughtful effective raly at the board meeting and people to help with getting people there.

    We did not create this budget “crisis” and we have the power to JUST SAY NO to these reductions. There are alternatives and we must make the district see them and act accordingly. WE CAN DO THIS

  4. District Employee

    Even though my job isn’t going to be reduced with these cuts, I’m with you Chris – together we can have the District look elsewhere to make these reductions.

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