Prevent These Unnecessary Reductions

cseaThanks to all of you who attended the KYR meeting and judging from the calls and comments i have heard you have taken the very important step of communicating with those who were not able to attend.

As we engage this employeer, the single most imprtant thing we can do is communicate with eachother ,and you are doing it masterfully.

Your Chapter leadership will be meeting today to plan the next steps to empower the membership and prevent these unnecessary reductions. We will have a negotiations update out early next week as well as information on the April 22, 2008 board meeting.

We need volunteers to help coordinate a thoughtful effective raly at the board meeting and people to help with getting people there.

We did not create this budget “crisis” and we have the power to JUST SAY NO to these reductions. There are alternatives and we must make the district see them and act accordingly. WE CAN DO THIS

Kenny Wilson CSEA Organizer

5 thoughts on “Prevent These Unnecessary Reductions

  1. District Employee

    I’ve been told by the people in Personnel that the District has no other choice but to lay people off – or reduce their hours. That there is no say in the matter and that it’s ultimately not up anyone but Personnel, Dennis, and the Board who takes the losses.

  2. We are currently in negotiations about these matters. The District cannot decide unilaterally to make REDUCTIONS. and Lay offs can only be made under certain circumstances.
    CSEA is the only authorized entity who can negotiate with the District and an agreement that there are no other choices has to be made BEFORE the DISTRICT OR ANYONE ELSE can decide that jobs should be reduced or otherwise laid off.
    CSEA’s Sole purpose is to protect our rights.

    Remember that individuals MAY NOT bargain with the District, so do not be fooled if someone approaches you to make a deal.
    ANY bargains made outside of negotiations ARE NOT VALID.
    Contact your Union Leaders Or the field office and tell them what was said.

  3. Kenny Wilson CSEA Organizer

    While the people in personnel may have the best intentions, they simply are not informed of the duty of the district to bagain the decision to reduce hours or the effects of lay-offs.
    Befor the district can reduce hours legally they must bargain the decision with csea. CSEA has taken the position of “no reductions of hours” and we are currently in lawful negotiations. The district must also bargain the effects of lay-offs and we are in negotiations on that subject as well.
    As far as not having any other options, there are many. CSEA has proposed a “golden handshake” as one option. Another option is for the district to stop contracting out our work like I.T and grounds just to name two.
    It seems to me, If we are all part of the PYLUSD “family” we should send the guests (contractors) home before we begin eliminating family members

  4. Anonymous

    “While the people in personnel may have the best intentions” ha – ya right.

    There are some in personnel that have told me in person quote:
    “…its not a good idea to talk to the Union, its better to talk to us – we’ll take care of you..”

    ….when in reality they seem to only take care of people they know and like, and everyone else gets the boot!

    I’m happy the Union’s there for us and willing to help with the only requirement being that we’re Classified!!

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