Union Meeting Update

wagnerNothing has changed.  The district and union are still negotiating the layoffs of classified personnel.  This process will most likely continue into July or even August before there is a resolution.  The union is still standing behind NO REDUCTION OF HOURS.  Each position is being considered individually. 

Unfortunately, when the schools were offered the $5000 incentive to maintain a 25 hour library, there was no continuity within the district.  Each site was able to determine how those hours would be disbursed.  Chris and I are working to make sure that the union representatives are aware of this situation.  With the help of the union, we are undoing processes and procedures that have been practiced for years within our district which weren’t in the best interest of the classified employees.  This is why we need everyone to be attentive and keep our union representation abreast of all situations.

The union has asked the district to hold off sending out the layoff contracts until all negotiations have been finalized.  However, the district is going forward with the distribution.  These contracts are not valid until all negotiations are complete and final.

Things you need to know if you or another staff receives their notices

  • Make sure that the contract (not the cover letter) makes no mention of hourly reduction.   The contract should either refer to layoff or bumping scenario.  If there is any mention of reduction of hours, contact the union immediately.
  • The contract DOES NOT need to be signed when presented to you.  If there is any problem, have your administrator contract Beth Berndt.   You have time to read the contract and make a decision.
  • It is okay to sign the contract.  Sign according to which decision you would make if the layoffs are negotiated.

Remember, nothing has been agreed upon.  This is not to say that the layoffs will not take place.  Negotiations are still in progress.  However, at this time, NO ONE SHOULD BE APPROACHED REGARDING REDUCTION OF HOURS!!! 
Please pass along this information to all classified personnel at your sites.

Janet Vash – jvash@pylusd.org
Library Media Technician – Charles Wagner Elementary School
714-996-1942, ext. 7601

4 thoughts on “Union Meeting Update

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t understand, if the District knows they shouldn’t be presenting us with these changes why would they do it – why would they show up and present us with a contract, make us feel like there is no room to negotiate, and give us zero options?

  2. Anonymous

    Because they (the district and principals) will operate in the same manner that they always have for years, until someone questions them in hopes we will all go away. They are not used to having to answer to anyone, but themselves. Truely we will be a stronger group and more will realize we are a huge piece of the education system.

  3. Eileen Hoggard

    I saw a memo regarding reductions/negotiations update where you asked a question–
    If you planned to retire by June 30th, or by August 31st, would you? If you did, then 2 years of service credit would be added to your years of service and it would make a difference in your retirement benefit. I am retiring on June 30th and I wondered what happened to that proposal.???

  4. Anonymous

    Wishing you all a great Classified week, . . not sure about your school site, but our principal recognized us with a 2 cent candy bar . . .So glad I bust my butt for him!!!!!!

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