What you should do if you get a layoff notice.

todolistEveryone has heard about Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed cuts to the education budget. When education funding is cut, our jobs are also on the chopping block. There are some things you should keep in mind if you’ve received a layoff notice or suspect that you might receive one.

Employees can only be laid off for “lack of work” and “lack of funds.” The district is required to give you notice at least 45 days before any layoff. Layoffs are supposed to occur by seniority. In most cases, the last hired is the first to be laid off in each job category.

Districts can’t lay off a classified employee if a short-term employee is doing the work that the classified employee is required to do. Districts must bargain with the chapter over the effects of a layoff or the decision to reduce work hours.

Speak to a CSEA representative. Did you verify your seniority? Did you review your contract? Check with your chapter that it will make sure that no short-term, temporary workers, volunteers, students or others are going to perform your work.

If you are laid off, you will need all the help you can get. You can continue to get medical insurance through your former employer for 18 months if you lose your coverage because of layoffs. You will be charged full cost for these benefits plus a 2-percent administrative charge.

Paying your bills will be more difficult. Make sure your mortgage or rent payment is your top priority. Call or visit the mortgage company and ask to speak to someone in the mortgage servicing department. Identify yourself by name and loan number. Tell them about your situation and ask about any reduced payment plans that might be available.

Also, notify your creditors before you get behind on your payments. Tell them that you want to work out an arrangement for delaying, reducing or refinancing payments until you get back to work.

File now with EDD
You will more than likely be entitled to unemployment benefits. Although there is a waiting period before you begin to receive unemployment benefits, you should file your claim as soon as possible after being laid off. Go to www.edd.ca.gov/fleclaim.htm to file a claim or to get more information.

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    “Which ‘CSEA Representative’ do I contact if I’m at a school site?”

    I would start with Allyson Holt – allypage@rock.com . Allyson is awesome in getting back with you regarding questions. If she doesn’t know, she will get an answer.

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