What Is CPR ?

allysonDuring the last month I was invited and attended the CPR. What you may ask is CPR? It is not as many of you may be thinking , Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation Classes. Well at least not this time. In this case it stands for Chapter President’s Retreat. Although it is in a way the restarting of a heart… The heart of our Chapter. It was in effect an operation designed to bring US back to life… It sounds far more relaxing than it actually was. CPR is a an intense  four day  immersion training where new chapter president’s are taught the policies , and procedures of CSEA. President’s and some Vice president’s are given tools to help grow and protect their Chapter’s, and their members. We were taught how to be more effective leaders. We were taught how to bring our Chapter’s back from the rocks…
It also allowed me and the other leaders to meet and compare notes on how things are going through out deligatesCalifornia. To make friend’s and allies for our member’s and to allow us to network and find answer’s from our peer’s. It was a way to energize and inspire us to do great things for those who asked us to take this office. It would be impossible to describe this intense, hands on experience for some one who had not been there. I am happy to say that the training though exhausting, was all of those things and more for me. It gave me Ideas, and inspiration…

I hope that I will be able to serve the membership in a much more effective way and will aid me to enable the membership to take action where necessary and to aid in the improvement of OUR DISTRICT. I am also Happy to say that I met and made new and strong friendships from those in neighboring District’s, in a time when it may be of use to be able to all stand together. And after those four days of training, and classes, and practice, and pages and pages and pages of policy….

I graduated to come home to serve our chapter, and our family and put what I was taught to work….
So expect to see a lot of me, and my beautiful Blue jacket and expect me to come up and ask you to help me help you. Together we can change the way things are done , together we can change and shape our future.

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Allyson Holt
CSEA Chapter President,

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  1. Parent and Employee

    Wow, sounds very official – I’m glad that we have a program where our elected employees get some type of training on Union procedures and rules.

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