82nd Annual CSEA Conference In Las Vegas.

vegasAt last night’s meeting the membership voted and selected 7 delegates to go to the Conference in Las Vegas this Year.

Those selected are:
Allyson Holt,  Chapter President and School bus driver
Gladys Fetter,  Site Representative coordinator and Computer Instructor
Meredith Castillo, Vice President and Night Custodian
Marilyn De la Torre, Site Rep. and Bus driver
Robert Moreno ,Member and Assessment center
Rene Dominguez, Member and Dispatcher
Nancy Lavallee , Past Association Officer, Negotiations, and other various committee member, Dispatcher.

Many thanks to them for taking on this big task and representing us at the conference this year.
Get Involved Next year this could be you.

7 thoughts on “82nd Annual CSEA Conference In Las Vegas.

  1. Allyson Holt

    There will be a requirement Beginning in 2009 that all delegates to conference will need to be active in Chapter Business.
    Such as coming to 5 or more Chapter meetings, or being on a ” President’s Committee” or being an active Job Steward, Site Rep. Ect…,
    And if a position needs training we will be more than happy to provide it.
    We are a member run volunteer organization and we want to include as many members as possible.

  2. Parent and Employee

    Can whomever goes type up a little article on our website as to what happened there and what you learned. I can’t go but I’d like to know how it went.

  3. Kenny Wilson CSEA Organizer

    Why in Vegas?
    Every fourth year the annual conference is held in California but the cost is very extreme here.
    The members have elected to have conference in Vegas because it is tens of thousands dollars less expensive and more fiscaly responsible to the members.

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