Am I A Union Member

stub2Many of you are confused when asked whether  or not you are a member. There is an easy way to check with out having to call anyone.
Just look at your Check stub, you will find on your Check Stub an area where your deductions are ..
There will be a line that says CSEA  STATE DUES that is the required dues that everyone pays, also known as a service fee. This fee Varies. It is based on a percentage of salary.
The Next line you will look for is the CSEA DUES/FEES line that will be for  $2.00  ( $20.00 a year ) That is your membership dues, and if you are Victory club you will see an additional line that says CSEA PROF.
That amount can vary. Both the V.C and the Membership Dues are voluntary, But You MUST pat the membership dues in order to VOTE, or receive additional benefits. I have highlighted My check stub so you can see what they look like.
If you do not have the additional $2.00 Never fear one of us can help you, e-mail, call or contact Barbara Green in Accounts payable and we’ll sign you up.