Picnic Update

I just want to thank all the folks that came out the picnic, picnicwe met new friends from other departments and had a good ol time cooking and talking and getting to know each other outside of work. Despite of the heat we also got the chance to play a little game of soccer… and the teams were divided by girls against guys…. better luck next year boys, because the girls won!!!! ha ha… well, I sure hope to see all my new friends around the district and hope to see you all back next year! Til then…. Marilyn.

Click on this picture to see a slideshow of the picnic at Tri-City Park with family and friends.

4 thoughts on “Picnic Update

  1. G Fetter

    Yes it was a great time had by all . . next year my little friend better watch out!!!! lol

  2. Parent and Employee

    Looks like you gals/guys had fun – I’ll catch this next time; thanks for setting this up.

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