Ratification Update

voteThe CSEA membership, at our June 9 meeting, has ratified the Memorandum of Understanding with the District regarding the Effects of Layoff.
The District and CSEA are still meeting to negotiate
possible reductions of hours, and the effects of such reductions.

5 Responses to Ratification Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean it passed?

  2. Allyson Holt says:

    Yes. Ratified means passed.

  3. Employee says:

    Was there any resolutions at last weeks negotiations meeting?

  4. Employee says:

    What is the latest on negotiations????? If we haven’t been contacted by anyone all summer, do we assume we still have a job at the same site and hours?

  5. Allyson Holt says:

    There are Many different Factors at work here, Everyone’s situation is different.

    If you received a Layoff notice, AND If you are returning to work in Sept. you should have already received a notice rescinding that action and instructions as to where you are assigned / hours . If there is a change inSite they will tell you in advance.
    Remember the district can move your site any time. We are District employee’s and Not School site employee’s.

    If you did not get a layoff notice, but were warned that there may be a reduction of your Job you should have been told IF there was in fact a reduction made.
    By this time the district should have contacted you with any changes in your status.
    If you are in doubt you should call personnel. If there is then a problem call Me and we will look into it.

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