Overtime and Hours Question

We received the following two questions from a couple of our anonymous union members.

“I already put in more than an eight hour day without overtime – now I feel pressured to work even more hours, even though overtime is offered I have other commitments after work. Can the district force me to work more than 40 hours per week?”

“When I was hired (years ago) I was asked to work certain hours and days, now I’m being asked to consider alternative hours and days. Is this allowed based on our contract and state educational law/practice?”

billBill Lokay – CSEA Labor Relations Representative: In regards to working overtime – no, you are not required to and can not be reprimanded for declining overtime/additional work. Only in matters of emergency is it considered acceptable for the district to ask a union member to work beyond a normal 8 hour shift (with overtime pay).
Your second question is a different matter – employers can “negotiate” alterations to a positions work hours. The key word is “negotiate”, which should be a collaborative effort between your supervisor, the union and you.

One thought on “Overtime and Hours Question

  1. Clerk

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who feels pressured to work after my shift is over. How is an “emergency” defined? I can recall countless occasions where I had to stay late to finish up a deadline that could end up as an emergency if not completed. What’s to keep my Principal from calling not meeting deadline an emergency?

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