Painting Projects for Custodians

“I have another work related question. I work at an elementary school as a night custodian. On non-student attendance days my principle asks me to paint the student restrooms. And now that summer is here the principle is giving me more painting projects. Is this right can the principle do this?” – Anonymous

billBill Lokay – CSEA Labor Relations Representative: Yes, he can do it as long as it does not increase the work load unreasonably. It should only be required to the extent that it does not make it difficult to perform your regular work load. It should never become the primary function with the possible exceptions being during the summer; if there is no or little regular work. Although I have not seen the job description, I know that most custodial descriptions allow some maintenance work by the custodian. It should, however, be more incidental rather than a regular routine assignment. Depending upon the extent of that assignment, it is possible that you are entitled to out of class pay, as the rate for painter is appreciably higher than the rate for a custodian. – Bill Lokay