Theater Tech Job Position

Fred Ronquillo Asked:

“I have a question about the new posting for the theater tech job at the new High School. I was under the impression from the meetings we went to earlier this year that the position would be like my current position. What i see on the Districts web site is a posting for a “new” position that is “not to exceed 30 hours per week”, also it was not offered to the employees already employeed, but to the general public. Is this our Districts normal way of doing business? I would like to apply for this position but would not accept a pay cut to do so. In addition, the starting salary is only 1.65 less an hour than what I make currently, and thats after 10 years od service! Is this also SOP? Thanks – Fred”


Allyson Holt – Chapter President: Fred,
After meeting with the district today Tuesday 7/15/2008, the posting you referenced has been pulled. There were many errors in the posting and had been prematurely “flown”. The copy should have been viewed and approved by the director of Classified Personnel, before being offered.
There were Many errors in the posting and as such the entire process will be re done.
Thank You for bringing it to our attention.