Where in Placentia Is Allyson Holt?

Late Friday afternoon, it came to my attention that there were members who were trying to reach me. They called my phone number to no avail and as a result they called the Transportation Office only to be told that they could not reach me there either. I understand that when there is a problem in your life you just want help. Now.!

I just want to let you, the members, know that the number I have posted as my contact is my home number. and on occasion there may be times when it will ring and NOT pick up. That could be for a couple of reasons. First someone  may be on the other line and unable ( or unwilling ) to switch over right at that moment.  Also If my answering machine is in use , taking or playing back messages  it will cause the caller to hear a ongoing ring and not put the call through. Also it blocks certain kinds of phones,  blocked phones &  payphones for some reason. Continue reading “Where in Placentia Is Allyson Holt?”

Did You Know: Service Days

Per our contract:  Section 18.10 Service Days  “Teacher/parent conference day, in-service days, or other such specifically designated service days that occur within the regular work year of unit members are considered regular work days for those unit members.”

This means that your supervisor must offer you work on non-student days; you cannot be forced to take a vacation or personal day.  Please contact your site rep, or Job Steward Ray Tschudy, if you have any questions regarding this issue.

Stay Safe At Work

Work-related injuries are common not only for custodians, landscapers and maintenance personnel. Even if you sit at a desk or serve food, there’s a chance that you’re at risk for injury.

Injuries can happen if you sit or stand in an awkward posture, perform an action repeatedly or even if you work in an environment with extreme temperatures.

Awkward postures can increase pressure on smaller muscles and can prevent you from using your muscles at maximum efficiency. Increased exertion from the weaker, smaller muscles may impair blood flow and increase fatigue. Awkward postures are most commonly caused by not having the proper tools, poor work practices or working at a poorly designed or arranged work station.

If your job requires repeated or prolonged reaching, twisting, working overhead, squatting or gripping, it Continue reading “Stay Safe At Work”

Conference 2008 Report

On the afternoon of Sunday August 3, I and several others left the Ontario airport for the CSEA Conference in Las Vegas.  The flight was great at 28,000 feet.

The Conference, with at least 2,000 delegates, was a fantastic, exciting, and awesome experience.  I, and others, attended the seminars, and all delegates voted on resolutions and voted on the annual budget.

The hotel was excellent, and the food on Wednesday night was an excellent dinner.

It was interesting to find out that CSEA is backing Barack Obama for the next U.S. President.  It was told to the delegates that it did not matter if the nominee was Republican or Democrat; CSEA wanted to back a nominee that would represent the Education System, and Barack Obama is that person.

Reported by:  Meredith Castillo, Vice President
CSEA Chapter #293

Benefits Question


“I have been employed by PYLUSD for 27 years as a part time instructional aide. I have no medical benefits but have a critical medical situation right now. Are there any benefits through CSEA allowed?”

 – Anonymous

Kenny Wilson – CSEA Organizer
: CSEA does not offer a health benefits plan as such but there are two services through the member benefits department which may be of some help depending on your situation.
There are three Health Savings programs through Union Plus designed to help reduce out of pocket expenses for prescriptions, dental, vision, physican and hospital care services and more. Visit http://www.unionplus.org/healthsavings for qualifications and details.
There is also the Healthy families that offers low cost insurance for children who meet the criteria. More information about Healthy Families can be found at http://www.healthyfamilies.com

The CSEA member benefits department is always working to improve the benefits we can offer. You will find the most up to date information at http://www.csea.com

I hope this helps.