Conference 2008 Report

On the afternoon of Sunday August 3, I and several others left the Ontario airport for the CSEA Conference in Las Vegas.  The flight was great at 28,000 feet.

The Conference, with at least 2,000 delegates, was a fantastic, exciting, and awesome experience.  I, and others, attended the seminars, and all delegates voted on resolutions and voted on the annual budget.

The hotel was excellent, and the food on Wednesday night was an excellent dinner.

It was interesting to find out that CSEA is backing Barack Obama for the next U.S. President.  It was told to the delegates that it did not matter if the nominee was Republican or Democrat; CSEA wanted to back a nominee that would represent the Education System, and Barack Obama is that person.

Reported by:  Meredith Castillo, Vice President
CSEA Chapter #293

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    Thank you for sharing! Sounds like you really enjoyed it, not to mention brought back some great info. We’d love to hear more!!

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