Where in Placentia Is Allyson Holt?

Late Friday afternoon, it came to my attention that there were members who were trying to reach me. They called my phone number to no avail and as a result they called the Transportation Office only to be told that they could not reach me there either. I understand that when there is a problem in your life you just want help. Now.!

I just want to let you, the members, know that the number I have posted as my contact is my home number. and on occasion there may be times when it will ring and NOT pick up. That could be for a couple of reasons. First someone  may be on the other line and unable ( or unwilling ) to switch over right at that moment.  Also If my answering machine is in use , taking or playing back messages  it will cause the caller to hear a ongoing ring and not put the call through. Also it blocks certain kinds of phones,  blocked phones &  payphones for some reason.

SO if you call me and don’t get me or my machine please call back later.  I will return your call. I can be reached by e-mail as well. Please remember that I am a bus driver and I work different hours every day.  Please do not call Transportation, I do not work in the office , and it makes them cranky and they will not deliver messages. Remember with the overlay system you have to dial 1-714 before the number.

Thank you, – Allyson Holt

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