4 thoughts on “5 Hour Employee Break

  1. Allyson Holt (Chapter President)

    In Our Contract Section 18.5 Rest Periods States:
    18.5.1- The unit member will be provided one (1) rest period of 15 minutes duration for each full 4 hour continuous hours of work per day. The unit member and site supervisor will mutually agree on when the rest period shall occur.

    18.5.2 The rest period will not be used to lenghten the lunch period or shorten the work day.

    18.6.1 Meal Period
    The unit member whose workday exceeds five (5) hours will be provided a duty free meal period of not less than thirty (30) nor more than sixty (60) minutes.
    Meal periods in excess of sixty minutes (60) MAY be scheduled with written consent between the unit member and the immediate supervisor. The duty free meal period is not part of the regular work day.

    All work assignments of more than five (5) consecutive overtime hours shall include an unpaid meal period of up to thirty (30) minutes. unless waived by mutual consent of the unit member and the immediate supervisor.
    A unit member REQUIRED to work during his/her meal period shall receive overtime compensation for the meal period.

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