Experience Requirement

“Last year there was a job opening because someone retired. When the job was posted there were people who had worked at that job who applied. But, the person who was hired had no experience in that job, but worked at the school doing something else. When people apply who have the experience that is on the job classification, how can the district hire someone with no experience at that job.” – Anonymous

3 thoughts on “Experience Requirement

  1. Please clarify; “…people who had worked at that job who applied.” Are you saying that the people who applied where previously laid off from “that” job or worked in a similar position elsewhere?

  2. While CSEA has the right to attend and participate in the interview process, to make sure the interview is carried out properly and no one is pushing for one candidate or another, We do not do the paper screening.
    Also sometimes the “requirements” are Suggested and not absolute.
    You need to read each listing carefully. Also The interviewer has to take much of the information supplied at face value. If some one says they know a certain program or has a certain skill, often times you have to take the word of the applicant.
    Only time will tell after that .
    Additionally, because of the lay offs, CSEA asked that Jobs in the affected areas be posted inside only.
    We also asked that they consider those with the similar job skills be considered along with those with “required” skills, especially when there were few applicants. We did this to prevent the jobs being posted outside the district.
    I sat on several interviews and of the applicants seen the choice to hire was properly made. CSEA does get input and a vote. However ,The District and the Site have the final decision.

  3. Additionally , when a member is promoted to a new position, they have a 3 month probationary period.
    This is to help the district ensure they made the correct hire.
    Also remember, that just because someone is hired at a particular site it doesn’t mean they will stay there. WE are District employees and as such we can be moved to another site .

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