3 thoughts on “How “Bumping” Works

  1. Gladys Fetter

    from what I understand your bumping rights are only within your classification OR a prior classification that you’ve work. For example if you’ve been a Librarian for 15 yrs, you can not bump a clerk of 2 years . . . I may be wrong?????

  2. Kenny Wilson (CSEA)

    Bumping within a class occurs when a person with higher seniority bumps a person with lower senority in the class.
    If a person is bumped out of a class they may bump to a different class they have held if their senority is higher than the person they are bumping.
    District senority comes into play if two people have the same senority in a particular class. This is contingent on how the lay off effects are negotiated within your chapter.

    For details on the exact language in your chapter please call your Labor Relations Representative William Lokay 714-532-7129

  3. Member

    Can an employee bump another employee at a different school. For instance, can a librarian at one school bump another one in the same class?

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