Out Of Class Work

“How is out-of-class work/pay supposed to work? I have been working “out-of-class” for over 4 or 5 years now and according to the re-classification study my job description would be way different from what it is today if it were to reflect what I currently do. Please let me know how things are supposed to work as I do not think they are working correctly for me now.”   – Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Out Of Class Work

  1. Kenny Wilson (CSEA)

    To properly answer your question will take some research into your specific situation.
    In general if you are working out of class you should be getting paid 5% out of class pay.
    I strongly reccomend you contact your LRR William Lokay 714-532-7129, blokay@csea.com.

  2. District Employee

    “Get In Line”: Who isn’t working out of class? Have you looked at the job classifications that the District uses for aides, custodians, clerks, etc?
    Why is it taking so long for the district (or the company the district hired) to finish the job re-classifications; this would be a better question to ask instead?

  3. Member


    I think we all have been working out of class at PYLUSD. What can we do to speed up the job reclassification study?

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