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“What is the rule/law on how long personnel has to FLY – Post an open job position on the website? Just asking because there has been a few jobs openings that somehow are filled, without a posting going up. I look at them everyday and never saw them posted.

It seems to be ALL who you know. I thought the Union was keeping a closer eye on this issue.”
– Anonymous

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  1. The Contract says that the District will post all vacancies at Each site for posting on the bulletin board and the website will be used for this purpose. They shall be posted for not less than 6 days. And the posting will be mailed to the Association President (ME) within one day after being posted in the the District office.
    Also the Phone recording should have the posting as well.
    It also says that the District will let interested employee’s know of these vacancies.
    That said the employee needs to make personnel aware that they will be interested in future postings.
    If a member becomes aware of a job that was not posted they should contact the association to investigate.
    Many positions were posted over the summer and interviews were conducted as soon as was “legal” in order to fill jobs before school started.
    If you are interested in a particular job, you need to keep an eye on the various places posting are made year round.

  2. Employee

    I heard one job was only posted for a few hours before someone was hired. This happened last month, right before school opened.

  3. Member

    Thanks Allyson – Here’s the exact wording in the contract:

    Section 12.1 Posting of Vacancies
    12.1.1 – Notice of vacancies which occur during the year shall be sent to each school or work site
    for posting on the bulletin board and mailed to the Association President within one (1) day after
    being posted in the District’s central office.
    12.1.2 – The District shall inform interested unit members regarding vacancies. The District
    recording device, posting in the Personnel Office and the District web site will be utilized year
    round for this purpose.
    12.1.3 – No vacancy shall be filled until the deadline for application has expired, which shall be
    no less than six (6) days following posting at the district’s central office and web site.

    The website should have a posting for at least 6 days.


    What job did you not see posted?

    – Member

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