President’s Blog: September Update

Now that the long Hot days of summer are over, I’d like to welcome you all back.
Although last year was busy and stressful, overall we did a good job keeping things on an even keel.
Through long negotiations we managed to preserve most of the jobs and hours we have all worked so hard for. And through careful investigation and negotiation and simply looking at how departments are spending their budgets we may find some more money in the “seat cushions” so to speak.
We have already made great strides.
CSEA along with District Representatives, Beth Berndt and Bill Cline, we have negotiated and saved many positions that were to be eliminated or have the hours cut so severely that those in the jobs would have had to quit and seek new jobs.
One of the results of our work this summer was to reach an agreement with the District which lowers the enrollment based formula slightly.
Hours for many Elementary positions had been based on a firm number of 1000 students = full time.
The District offered a compromise number for the formula to be lowered to a more reasonable 845 students.
In return CSEA allowed that there were four campuses that were so far below that number that a temporary reductions in select positions be allowed, but no lower than 3 hours a day average, at those four schools in order to preserve as many full time jobs as possible.
The schools are Ruby drive, Topaz, Glenknoll and Linda Vista.
Other campuses were not addressed at this time.
Additionally CSEA requested that staff already employed at lower than 3.75 hours be transferred or offered those jobs, so that those with 3.75 or higher hours would be moved accordingly.
We realize that this made for an uncomfortable summer for some and there were still layoffs, however we are working diligently to bring back those positions.
As of this writing half of the Custodians who were laid off had their layoff notice rescinded and every one of them at least had sub work this summer.
We will continue to work to bring them all back.
Keep checking the employment boards and apply where ever you think you might have skills.
Even if you only subbed at a job before or you have had the job before, but below 3 hours, you may get it.
It can’t hurt.
Please keep checking here at the website and remember the Chapter meeting is the second Monday every month at 5:15 in the Bus Driver’s break room, in the bus parking lot at the district office (on the hill).
The first one will be Sept. 15, 2008.
We have lots of things planned for this year including the Pre-Retirement Seminar which will be on Nov. 15, 2008 at OUR ESC more details will be sent out later.
Also we will be visiting your schools to make sure you are all signed up and see if there are concerns.
Please when we come to your school come and visit and get a gift.
Come and get involved and have some fun too.
Allyson Holt

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