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May 15 of last year, I recieved my classification study review. I was told that a compensation study was also in the works to reflect the findings of the classification study. What is the status of the second study? 5 months have passed, I would think that the results of this second study should be made available. – Fred Ronquillo

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  1. Employee

    Very good question. I’ve been wondering about this too. Why is it taking so long? What’s causing such a delay in the process.

  2. The classification consultant made salary range recommendations for each classification. These recommendations will be considered in salary negotiations, which are a component of contract negotiations. These have not begun except for health benefits, which are agreed upon to assure continuity of health care coverage. CSEA has submitted its initial proposal, and negotiations will begin soon.
    In view of the State’s budget difficulties and consequent severe reduction of anticipated funding for education, it will be a struggle to achieve any partial implementation for this year.

  3. Anonymous

    The computer/Library & Food services did theirs over 2+ years ago. we still have her nothing. I have a rough draft for the computer position, but nothing was ever finalized.

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