Part Time Employee Rights

Does the district expect to have more classified employee reductions next year? Does the reductions start with the part time employees first? Can a full time employee with less time, bump a part time employee with more time in the same classification? I spent many years as a noon supervisor before becoming a part time clerk. In the event of lay offs, does that time as a noon supervisor account for any time with the district? – Anonymous

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2 thoughts on “Part Time Employee Rights

  1. At this time there is no indication of further classified reductions. This, however, is not a guarantee that there will not be any, if the budget continues to deteriorate.
    Reductions do not necessarily begin with part-time employees.
    A full-time employee with less seniority cannot bump a part-time employee with more seniority.
    Your time as noon supervisor does not count for seniority, because a noon supervisor is not a classified employee.

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