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I understand that upon retirement, I will simply lose most of the vacation time I have accrued. Is there a way I can get paid for my vacation time each year or is there a way to take vacation time during the summer months when I would not require a substitute? It is very difficult to take vacation days because my site is responsible for paying for my substitute. We simply do not have the funds to accommodate using my vacation time. I don’t want to be a burden to my site’s budget, but I truly do want to be compensated for ALL of my vacation hours I have coming. Thank you! – Anonymous

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  1. Kathy Spielman

    I am in the same boat. The libraries at the middle schhols are simply closed if we take a vacation day.
    We service between 200 and 400 kids a day.
    We come back to our workload doubled.

  2. If you are a less than 12 months employee, you must take your vacation during Christmas and spring recesses, and any additional vacation credits at a time agreed to between you and your supervisor.
    If you are a 12 months employee, you can take your vacation at any time you request and the supervisor approves it. The contract provides for a cooperative effort between you and your supervisor and an effort to arrange vacation at a time convenient to the employee and least disruptive to the District.
    If you have a problem obtaining approval at a suitable time, contact your Chief Steward Ray Tschudy at 714-376-7937 or your Chapter President at 714-366-0729 or for assistance.
    Your allowable vacation carryover from year to year is 5 days, if you have been employed more than I year and less than 5, and 10 days, if you have been employed more than 5 years. If you have more carryover than that when you are ready to retire, the District may, but is not required to pay off more than the unused portion of the allowable carryover. The best advice is to use your vacation, and if you have credits left over when you want to retire, try to use them up just prior to your retirement and delay your retirement until completion of your vacation.
    You should be able to take vacation during the summer months subject to the conditions listed above. It is not your responsibility to arrange for a substitute during your vacation.

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