Neighborhood Wildfires

fireAs we all know last weekend was a tragic and trying time for our communities. Several large wildfires raced through our neighborhoods. this has left many with out the basic necessities of life right as we are entering the Holiday Season.  We your CSEA representatives have teamed with The District, PLUM and APLE to form a joint fund to aide our staff families.  Attached to the following link you will find the information if you would like to contribute to this fund. In order to expedite the collection and disbursement of these donations to all of those staff members, in CSEA, APLE , PLUM and our District Family ; APLE has generously allowed us to utilize the account they had already established.

Also PLUM has set up the ability to donate to our Students and their Families as well, with a seperate account. This information  is also included on this flyer. In addition If you know of a Classified employee who is in need of help due to this disaster please get in touch with Classified Personnel so Continue reading “Neighborhood Wildfires”

California Shake Out

Today we had the great California “Shake Out” , I was wondering if we did have a big earthquake. Are classified employee’s required to stay at there job site during an emergency of a great magnitude or can we leave to pick up our children? 
– Anonymous

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Disney Workers Fundraiser

disney132 men and women were arrested for standing up for what we believe in! Now we have to stand up for them! The facts: Remember the August 14 demonstration, near Disneyland, by UNITE HERE? disney2Many OCEA members were out there demonstrating with them, against low wages and decreases in benefits! Thirty-three people were arrested! They are now being fined $711 each! The fines total more than $22,000!
We are holding a FUNDRAISER AT OCEA November 19, 2008 6:00 p.m. TO HELP PAY FOR THEIR FINES! Donation level: Whatever you can, small amounts welcome!(Please make checks payable to OCEA.) Be a part of showing gratitude to these 32 standouts!

Part Time Seniority

My school had one full time and one part time position within my department. Last year when enrollment increased, a new part time position was created. Next year when enrollment numbers decline and this position is eliminated, who would maintain the part time position? Would it be based on seniority at the school site or seniority with the district? – Anonymous

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