Teachers Performing Classified Work

Why do we let teachers perform classified work and get a stipend? If there is a defined classified job description can teachers do the job? – James


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  1. Aydin says:

    James, what job/position are you talking about.

  2. Allyson Holt says:

    That is a vague Question.
    I would need to have the details to know how to answer that.
    On the face of it I would say , NO, if it is in fact a Classified position and the person performing it was Hired as a Teacher ( certificated) then it would be inappropriate.
    How ever I w to have the Actual details before I made a definitive answer. There are many circumstances where some e who holds a credential may have applied and gotten a Classified Position and Is in fact a Classified employee.
    If there is a certain circumstance that CSEA needs to know about, I suggest that you or the concerned Party Contact Me or the field office and give the details so we can investigate

  3. James says:

    I am talking about teachers doing technology jobs. Isn’t there already a computer lab aide or technician position established? Why would we give a teacher a stipend to do classified work?

  4. Aydin says:

    I believe your talking about the “Tech Rep” duties/job; which isn’t an official district position. From what I know/understand it was created for the teachers not classified employees. If anything I’ve seen these duties transferred to a classified person (example: computer lab aide) and taken away from teachers (I believe for cost savings) at some schools.

  5. Employee says:

    Why are some school having teachers receiving paid stippens for doing the tech. Rep. jobs and whose budget does that come out of.? Another situation of our district not be all on the same page. If you look at the school board minutes on the district website, you can see who gets what extra pay, because all those have to be approved on a NOE and that is public records. Shouldn’t the computer aide, receive the same stippen, if they are now be asked to that job? Is it really a teacher’s job to fill out the work order or is the teacher hired to teach our kids?

  6. Aydin says:

    Well… ignore my last comment; I talked to Kenny yesterday and was educated on some very interesting rules/laws of the ed. code. I’ll let him post a comment with the info.

  7. Kenny says:

    This is a pretty complicated question. Your best resource would be to contact your CSEA Labor Relations Representative Bill Lokay
    714-532-7129. blokay@csea.com

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