End Of Year Update

happyholidaysAs the old year closes and we all prepare for the new year I thought I would post an update for those of you who don’t get to the monthly chapter meetings. It is difficult to post all the things discussed at those meeting but some of the highlights are these, So far our Chapter has been able to salvage all but 5 Custodial Positions, I hope that we will be able to get them all back to work soon. In the meantime they are being used where ever there is a need in the District as subs. We have begun an investigation into the Contracting of our duties , especially in the areas of Maintenance , Grounds and Computers, and we have let the District know where we stand on the matter. Negotiations will begin on our re openers on Dec 16th.  I will keep you all posted as things develop. I will post an update on that after we sit down with the District and hear their proposal.

2dollarsAt the October meeting we voted on and  we  successfully updated the language in our Chapter Constitution, which brings us into compliance with the Association. The membership present passed several changes to our chapter Constitution, including a small raise in our dues. Starting in 2009 from $1.00 a month to $2.00 a month to make sure we can cover any expenses we may have, and so that we may have funds to fight  the District  with When the fiscal situation turns ugly again.

Also this modest increase puts us closer to the Orange County Average of $5.00 a month. We do not anticipate that we will need to raise this again,  given the size of our Chapter, in the foreseeable future. We have increased the term of office for our leadership to allow better trained and prepared e-board from one year to two years and we have added three offices to our e-board to improve your  representation.

aydingladys3janetThis year we welcome our  2nd Vice President Job Suarez, Webmaster Aydin Laghaie, and Our Site Representative coordinator’s Gladys Fetter & Janet Vash to our board. We are Training Three new Job Stewards this month and I hope we will send many more to training in the coming months. Job Stewards who successfully complete the training may be sent to the CSEA retreat in Idyll wild Ca.  I anticipate that there will be many changes and challenges this next year but I feel that we are better prepared to meet the needs of our Chapter. We will be actively seeking your help to help you in the coming months. In the mean time Please have a safe and enjoyable Hanukkah ,Christmas,   Kwanzaa and New Years. – Allyson Holt