CSEA Victory Club

victory_club_logopicThey want to try and take away our PERS and Contract out our jobs AGAIN! Help Us Stop Them! CSEA Victory Club. Why We Need You…Now More Than Ever
Dear Classified Employee: The “Victory Club” is the political funding arm of CSEA (California School Employees Association) which is your Union at Placentia Yorba Linda Unified. It is from these contributions that CSEA is able to support legislators who pass laws that protect our jobs. CSEA’s Victory Club spent a fortune a 4 years ago fighting the Governor’s initiatives that would have hurt us terribly … outsourcing our jobs, reducing our pensions and cutting education funding. We all know that if funding for education is reduced, the first people to be laid-off are classified employees. We will only support politicians and school board members who support us! By uniting with other public employees, we were enormously successful in fighting these initiatives 4 years ago. However, these attacks on working families in California have resurfaced, so in this election year, we must elect political leaders, Republican or Democrat, who will enact laws that protect us. Advertisements, TV commercials and brochures etc., are very expensive. Whether we are a registered Republican or Democrat makes no difference to the fact that we all want our jobs protected and our retirement secured. We share this common interest. Please join with over 260 of your fellow classified employees in Placentia Yorba Linda and 30,000 classified employees statewide by contributing one or two dollars a month by pay-roll deduction so that CSEA can continue to work for you. If you would like to join please contact Barbara Green.