Open Letter to the Board of Education June 23rd, 2009

Dear School Board and Dr Smith,

I have so many things that I would like to share with you yet there is so little time right now. There are so many experiences that I can bring to you from Myself and the other Classified workers to show you the Dedication and pride we all have to be PYLUSD employee’s.

Let me just begin here, I am Proud to be an employee of this award winning District.

It is one of the finest Districts in the state, and I know this to be true having met many people from other District that have good reason to be unhappy.

I also want to let you know that I am a Three time investor in this District. And what I mean is this, I was a Parent in this District, I am a Homeowner in Placentia and as such a taxpayer and Bond owner here, and I am an invested Classified employee.

I have a vested interest in the success or failure of this District which goes deeper than my paycheck.

All of us as District employees have the same vested interest that outsiders will never have.

Classified employee’s as you are well aware encompass the many area’s of vital support. We are the Custodians who clean and make safe our schools, Food service worker who feeds our children, we are the Maintenance worker who repairs our facilites, the Technology worker brings us into the 21st century, the School Bus Driver’s who safely transport our children a million miles a year, the Mechanics who keep it all running and the many Clerical staff workers who keep us on track and make sure we have all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted . We are the aides and Childcare Providers who take over from where the teacher’s leave off. We are all vitally important to the success of our students. We all work together to support the Students and the Teachers.

We all ensure the safety of the Children. We are necessary to the success of this district and we all perform our various duties and more out of dedication to our children.

All of us here in this room have an Obligation to the Children.

We are obligated and our sole purpose here is to provide the best that we are capable of giving.

It is our duty to provide the best education, the best guidance and make them as safe as we can.

To use a well worn phrase the Children are the leaders of tomorrow, and we must make them as prepared as possible.

In this terrible time of economic strife, sacrifice will be asked of all of us. No one group should be expected to shoulder the burden for us all. Rather we need to work as a team to carry this heavy load together.

Compromises will need to happen. We will all have to work for a common goal to weather this storm and come out with as little damage to our precious Children as possible.

We have all worked so hard to build this Strong, award winning district and we must do the best to preserve what we can.

I believe that we are all ready to collaborate and work together to preserve and to build a stronger District alongside of APLE and the Management of PYLUSD. This District belongs to all of us.

As equal shareholders of this District we need to come up with bold, creative ideas to find a solution.

We must enter this in a spirit of creativity and open mindedness and look everywhere for the right solution for us.

All of us must make a commitment to work together, to come out of this stronger than before.

We need to make this an opportunity to build upon and not to preside over the slow decline and failure of OUR district.

Thank You

Allyson Holt
CSEA Chapter President,
RPAC, Region 22, Area H

6 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Board of Education June 23rd, 2009

  1. Rick

    Very well said Allyson, thank you for being our voice at a time when many of us are afraid to speak up, and say anything at all.

  2. Javier

    Thank you for making this. We are doing more work and have less people. It is getting hard to finsih everything I have to do and I dont want to be scared of getting fired.

  3. k.s.

    Allyson, please keep up the good work, we are very thankfull for your work in helping us keep our jobs. Don’t let them cut more hours – for our sake and the sake of our kids who now don’t come into the library as often and barely get any time in the computer lab.

  4. Erica

    “No one group should be burden for us all” True, but how many assistant directors, directors, etc have you seen retire…. NONE!!! These people make way more than us and evertime we have cuts they loose 1 person for every 5 people that clean a school, or feed our kids.

  5. Gladys

    Allyson, on behalf of all of us that have been unable to be involved with the union this year, thank you to you, all those all that continued this fight. If our voices are silent (as they were a few years ago) they will not hear our cry, once the damage is done it will be too late to make a change! Thank you for making our voices and concerns heard. We are lucky to have CSEA behind us, and all it’s great members…if you are not yet a member ask yourself why???????

  6. Joanne

    Beautifully said Allyson. You are a great leader for us classified employees. You have helped our chapter’s CSEA grow with your leadership.

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