District Sunshines Reopeners for Contract

At Tuesday’s School board meeting the District presented it’s proposal for Contract re-openers. Which the board then voted and approved.
The following is the text quoted.”
Pursuant to the Collective Bargaining agreement between the District and Chapter 294 (INC) of the California School Employees Association, The District proposes to open the following contract articles.:
Article XV Layoff and re-Employment
* Layoff positions to reduce the Districts costs and to maintain fiscal solvency
Article XVII Hours Of Employment
* restructure the work year/day to reduce the Districts costs and to maintain fiscal solvency
* Salary schedule modifications and/or reductions to reflect the districts financial situation
Article XXI Health and Welfare
* Modifications to the Health and welfare benefit contributions/commitmemnt withh the District’s financial situation and to maintain the Districts fiscal solvency.
The District maintains the right to discuss additional items under Articles XV,XVIII,XIX,and XXI.

Now is the time for our membership to make their opinion heard.Untitled-14

One thought on “District Sunshines Reopeners for Contract

  1. Chris L

    So how would you like us to give our thoughts and when are you having this meeting to discuss possible reductions?

    Elementary librarian’s already took a reduction in work week 2 years. We used be hired for 10 months of work, which was June 30 ending. Now they have us ending June 22, but still a 10 month employee. We lost 6 days of work off the back of our contract ALREADY and not many were even aware this was agreed with the union and district on. (Of course this was pre Allyson Holt time). Just remind the district we have already be reduced!

    Everyone please keep your eyes open and share what is going on within your groups. Don’t let the district bully us into thinking we “should” just be happy to have a job and not say anything! Together we do make a difference and it all centers around educations for our children.

    Chris L.

    So please to agree to look

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