Budget Update – Governor Signs Budget Package

July 28, 2009

Budget Update – Governor Signs Budget Package

Today, the Governor signed into law the 27 bill package to address the state’s $26 billion deficit. The Governor’s 2009-10 revised budget package imposes approximately $16.1 billion in cuts and impacts virtually all programs across the state, including $5.7 billion in cuts to education. These cuts are devastating due to the refusal of anti-education, anti-labor legislators to increase new revenues or eliminate corporate tax giveaways.

As promised, the Governor used his line item veto authority to impose an additional $489 million in cuts above the budget package that was passed by the legislature. Approximately $394 million, or 80%, of this amount represents cuts to Health and Human Services programs. Due to the efforts of CSEA and the Education Coalition the Governor’s additional cuts to education were minimal and focused on programs administered at the state level rather than locally funded programs.
The items vetoed include:

* $80 million in funds allocated to counties to finance programs that investigate and remediate cases of child abuse and neglect.

* $60.6 million from funds used to pay for Medi-Cal eligibility workers at the county level.

* $52 million from the Office of AIDS Prevention and Treatment which will result in elimination of all services except providing drug assistance and monitoring.

* $50 million from Healthy Families Program. This is in addition to $124 million previously cut from the Healthy Families Program.

* $27.8 million from the Williamson Act program which provides money to counties that give tax breaks to landowners who keep their land as open space.

* $6.2 million in additional cuts to state parks.

What’s Next?

Now that the budget has been signed, CSEA, the Education Coalition and the Fair Budget Coalition are exploring several strategies to hold the Governor and legislature accountable for this terrible budget. As these plans develop, you will receive further information and we will look to CSEA leaders, members and staff to continue the fight for justice for education and the other communities of people who have been made to unfairly pay the highest price in this immoral budget.