From your Organizing Committee: Save these dates!


* The District has a plan to lay off employees, reduce and eliminate hours, health benefits, and wages.

* As Classified employees, there is something all of us can do about it.

* Your fellow Classified members of CSEA #293 have formed a committee to protect our rights and push back the District’s plan.

* The District has not explored all possible solutions and their unnecessary plan will have a disastrous impact on Classified employees.

* There are alternatives and your committee is seeking your input to develop a proposal in order to preserve our jobs and health benefits while addressing the District’s funding limits.
Check your mail for updates.

Remember to Save these Important Upcoming Dates:
*August 5th Survey Return Deadline
**August 31st District Convocation, Please attend for important updates
**September 14th Chapter 293 Meeting at 5:15 in the Transportation Lounge,
***Voting on Proposal on Contract Re-openers***
**September 15th First School Board Meeting of the new school year Your attendance is Strongly requested**