I thank you, 293

robertpicA bone fide thanks to all that attended our recent activities. I also want to thank those of you that took my calls. Also, thanks to those of you who heard me out; knowing full well that you had prior commitments to your families, children, and even grand-children. I thank you all.
Some have requested that additional printouts be made of the presentation I compiled and gave. The Orange Field Office printed sixty of them. Over one hundred of you showed up. We ran out of printouts, but not pizza………..I LIKE IT!!
Shield_notype_BLACKSo please, keep creating a need for more; more printouts, more presentations, and more seminars. If you contact one another, whether with each other at your site or with others who do the same work at other sites, we can have more. We can go to the field office, or have them come to us.
If your contacts do not have district mail, a home computer, or simply do not like computers; please write down the information provided below. Once they have this information, they can be empowered to participate in their own way.

One Goal-
One Shield
Robert Moreno

Chapter President-
Allyson Holt/transportation

Chief Job Steward-
RayTschudy/transportation                                                                  714-376-7937

Site Reps/Stewards

Orange Field Office-
Brady Bailo-LRR

326 West Katella Avenue, Suite E
Orange, CA 92867-4756
(714) 532-3766
(800) 564-9979

Information for the Uninsured among us.

While most health insurance is only available to employees through their employer’s group plans, there are a few insurance companies in California who offer coverage to individuals and their families. Though the plans vary somewhat, they have some common themes.

You can enroll in an HMO (which is the least expensive plan), or you can pay a larger premium and have more choice of medical providers (with the exception of Kaiser, which is HMO coverage only). There is also a wide selection of co-payments and deductibles available.

How much does it cost?
The cost for the plan depends on several factors. First, the cost depends on which plan you choose. If you choose a plan with a low deductible and low co-payments, your monthly insurance premium will cost more. If you choose a plan that has a higher deductible and large co-payments, it will cost significantly less.

Geographic Rating
In California, the cost of providing care is significantly different from county to county. As a result, insurance companies (other than Kaiser) have designed the cost of their plans based on Continue reading “Information for the Uninsured among us.”

Expedited American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funding for Schools

September 16, 2009

The administration has announced that $1.3 billion in State Fiscal Stabilization Funding (SFSF) has been expedited and will be available for California’s school districts, colleges and universities. These funds are part of the second installment of SFSF that states were scheduled to receive later this fall. In May, California received $3.2 billion as the first installment of SFSF. This represents 67 percent of California’s total $4.9 billion allocation. Including the expedited $1.3 billion, California has now received 90 percent of the state’s allocation of SFSF.

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), states facing extreme budget difficulties are allowed to apply for 90% of their SFSF allocation. The ARRA states that the SFSF funding should be applied in proportion to the cuts that were taken in both the K-12 and Higher Education segments. While K-12 took the bulk of the cuts imposed during the February budget, the cuts to higher education were greater in the July budget, and as a result, higher education will receive a greater portion of this and the remaining allocation of SFSF funds. Based on this requirement, it’s estimated that K-12 will receive approximately $354 million and higher education will receive $931 million of the $1.3 billion.

As with the first installment of SFSF, these funds are available from the federal government to help local school districts minimize layoffs and avoid reductions in education programs.

California’s remaining allocation of Title I and IDEA funding is expected to be released later this fall.

What’s Next?

The California Department of Education is working with the Governor’s Office to determine the amount of funding each school district can expect to receive. We will provide more information on the allocation of the funds as it becomes available.

Proposal Passes With Unanimous Membership approval

The attendance at tonight’s meeting was very good especially with it only being the second week of school.
After a solid presentation from several board members and other member volunteers, we took our vote on the initial proposal to the district.
The fact that the proposal passed with 100% of the vote gives your negotiation team a clear direction with which to begin negotiations.
Thank You again
We look forward to seeing you at future meetings.
As we progress we anticipate more member’s wanting information and may conduct future meetings at the board room.
The next Chapter meeting will be held on October 12th at 5:15,Location TBA.

Thank you for a great start to the new school year.

I’m allowed…..to be proud?

To begin, I would like to thank all who made this conference possible. Attending a convention is an exciting experience. Having been nominated to attend my union’s convention; was an empowering experience.

From the beginning, at the hotel where I stayed, I was greeted by a union employee.

Shield_notype_BLACKIt began to swell, my pride and the notion that every employee I would come in contact with was union. I had checked in, unpacked and met up with my fellow delegates. We boarded the rail, and headed toward the San Jose Convention Center. I had successfully completed phase one.

Phase two was not unlike the first. I needed to check in at the convention. It was clear the convention was under way by Sunday afternoon, before it had begun. The convention center is quite large, yet it was easy to find our space. It was quite clear the CSEA had arrived and was well announced. I remained at the convention center, with my issued supplies and blue shirt. I remained so that Continue reading “I’m allowed…..to be proud?”