Passing The Torch; Our New Webmaster

Group 2007-08It’s been almost two years since our chapter first dared to venture online. After returning from the 2008 “Member Unity Program”, a few of us gathered with much hope and enthusiasm and drafted this mission statement…

“Develop and implement a chapter website as a resource for us to gather and share information about events and topics important to us; an online newsletter of our distributed printed copy; and a place to hear questions, feedback and comments from our members.”

meatlaptopI’m proud to say that since then we’ve had over 13,000 visits, 105 articles, and over 230 comments by members. We have, without a doubt, succeeded in this quest and learned more than we ever bargained for. Personally it has been my pleasure to have played such a major role in a website that will continue to benefit our chapter for years to come.

But with all people-supported organizations there comes a time for those who serve to pass the torch so others can contribute and give back to an organization, a union, that has given us all so much. That time has come. robertpicI’d like to introduce to you Robert Moreno, our new web-master, an instructional aid at various sites in our district whose endless drive to learn new things – and creativity to express them – has already started to transform

I have trained Robert on most of the every day operations of running our website. I will continue to support him and will likely follow up with some advanced training in a few months. I have not, however, managed to completely absolve myself of any union responsibilities/duties – our present negotiations team has recruited me, and I will be attending the Organizing Institute for some training later this month.

DSCN3494Again, thank you to all who’ve made this website effective by contributing articles, making comments or just visiting the site every now and then. I only wish to see more of you volunteer your own time and by doing so learn what it really means to be part of a family at work.

Aydin Laghaie, Technology Service Technician and Active Member of CSEA

Urgent Health Care Flash!!! Action Needed.

As you most likely know, the Speaker Nancy Pelosi released her healthcare bill yesterday. Missing from it was an important amendment which would make it easier for States to establish a single payer healthcare system. This amendment was in HR 3200, but stripped out of the new bill released by the Speaker yesterday. California is in a unique position to help because the three key leaders who can help are from California: Miller, Waxman and Pelosi.

President Clark gave very direct instructions to use CSEA’s power to get the Kucinich amendment back into the bill and time is very short.

By way of background, once a bill is introduced, the Speaker and leadership team (including Committee chairs Waxman and Miller) will have to decide how they will deal with any changes members may want to propose. One possibility is that they will not take amendments to be debated individually on the floor of the House; one alternative would be to assess the strength of various proposed amendments, choose the ones they believe will attract additional votes (or not lose votes), and propose those as a group for a vote in a mangers’ amendment. This would present an opportunity for Rep. Kucinich and supporters to marshal arguments for picking up the ERISA waiver for single payer states, and including it in a managers’ amendment. The final version of the manager’s amendment is expected to be done by Monday in order to give the requisite 72 hours to review the legislation and amendments, so that the bill can be voted on Thursday. Time is short to change the leadership’s mind (Miller, Pelosi and Waxman)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi…DC 202-225-4965…SF 415-556-4862…

Representative George Miller…DC 202-225-2095…Concord 925-602-1880…

Representative Henry Waxman…DC 202-225-3976…LA 323-651-1040

With that in mind I am asking that you call all of their offices and leave the CSEA message…once you have called, please e-mail me at let me know how many calls you(and any others) have made on this issue…thanks…

*****************Negotiations Update*****************


As you may know, your CSEA negotiating team met for the first time on Tuesday October 20 with the District team to begin our 2009/2010 contract revisions.  A big “thank you” to all those classified employees wearing blue – we noticed you!!

We began with introductions, as there were several new members on both teams.  Our team consists of Allyson Holt, Nancy Lavallee, Cheryl Townsend, Job Suarez, Aydin Laghaie, and our Labor Rep Brady Bailo.  The District’s team is Suzette Lovely, Nancy Blade, Steve Umber, Mary Adams, and Rick Lopez.

This first session was for us to set the protocol and calendar for our future meetings.  We had a great discussion, with both teams giving input for our next meeting.

We have scheduled two more dates for negotiations:  Friday November 13, and Friday November 20.  Please wear blue on these dates to show our continued CSEA solidarity.

We will give future updates as we can.  Thanks for your support!!
Your 2009/2010 Negotiating Team

sea and sky MS

National School Bus Safety Week

Oct. 19–23, 2009


Schools around the country will recognize 2009 School Bus Safety Week, celebrating the theme: “Avoid Harm, Obey the Stop Arm.”

Studies have proven that the most dangerous part of the school bus ride for children is when they get on and off the bus. Remember to pay close attention to school buses when you see them driving on the street and teach children how to be safe when boarding and exiting the bus.

CSEA is a leader in advocating for student safety in California, including sponsoring the 1968 law that requires all buses to carry the “Stop when Red Lights Flash” sign.

CSEA is proud to represent more than 8,500 school bus drivers and other transportation workers. These dedicated employees ensure that school buses remain the safest form of transportation in America. According to the National Safety Council, school buses are 172 times safer then the family car.

School Transportation Professionals
From winding country roads to busy city streets, school bus drivers carry the most precious cargo: our children. School bus drivers, mechanics and other school transportation personnel are the safest and most qualified in the state.

They also care about the kids and the community. Bus drivers know that parents want the peace of mind that comes from trusting the person behind the wheel of the big yellow bus.

School bus drivers volunteer for Continue reading “National School Bus Safety Week”

National School Lunch Week

Oct. 12-16, 2009

More than 29 million children eat lunch at public schools everyday. It’s time to pay tribute to the wonderful workers who help make this possible. Join CSEA in celebrating National School Lunch Week Oct. 12-16.

Research shows that good nutrition enables students to meet their educational and physical potential. However, it’s the people in the kitchens that really make the state’s food programs work. CSEA is proud to represent thousands of food service employees statewide. 

National School Lunch Week was created in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy—16 years after President Harry Truman signed the National School Lunch Act into law.

“The well nourished school child is a better student.” Truman said. “He is healthier and more alert. He is developing good food habits that will Continue reading “National School Lunch Week”

HEALTH CARE REFORM ALERT! Urgent action requested!

October 6, 2009

Health Care Action Alert

This is an urgent request from Association President Allan Clark to all member leaders who receive the CSEA PAC News Flash.

Your help is needed to generate phone calls and handwritten letters from members and retirees to Congressman Dennis Cardoza in the 18th Congressional District, Congressman Jim Costa in the 20th Congressional District and to Senator Dianne Feinstein. Continue reading “HEALTH CARE REFORM ALERT! Urgent action requested!”