Statewide Action Against Big Insurance Crimes

Statewide Action Against
Big Insurance Crimes
Tuesday, October 6th

Join us as we declare Anthem Blue Cross a crime scene!

For years, American insurance companies have been more about corporate greed than patient need. Insurance executives have lined their pockets at record rates while our health insurance premiums went up three times faster than wages and four times faster than general inflation.

It’s a crime that insurance companies

* rack up profits by denying patients treatment even when doctors recommend it,
* discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, and
* keep premiums and out of pocket costs high so that care is unaffordable even for those who have insurance.

It’s a crime that 64% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical debt. It’s a crime that every 12 minutes someone dies because they can’t afford the escalating cost of health insurance.

Enough is enough! It’s time to hold insurance companies accountable for their crimes.

at Big Insurance crime scene actions across the state:

In San Francisco
11:30 AM at 1 Market Street near Embarcadero Ctr.
Contact: Patrick, or 707-853-3888

In Sacramento
12 noon at 1121 L Street
Contact: Zak, or 916-813-6658

In Los Angeles
11:00 AM at 801 S. Figueroa
Contact: Angela, or 213-413-3587

In Santa Ana
11:30 AM at 3100 Lake Center Drive
Contact: Marisol,

In San Diego
12 noon at 3655 Nobel Drive, # 250
Contact: Sandra,

It’s time for Congress to take our side. We need good health care we can afford with the choice of a public health insurance option.

If the insurance companies win, we lose.

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