*****************Negotiations Update*****************


As you may know, your CSEA negotiating team met for the first time on Tuesday October 20 with the District team to begin our 2009/2010 contract revisions.  A big “thank you” to all those classified employees wearing blue – we noticed you!!

We began with introductions, as there were several new members on both teams.  Our team consists of Allyson Holt, Nancy Lavallee, Cheryl Townsend, Job Suarez, Aydin Laghaie, and our Labor Rep Brady Bailo.  The District’s team is Suzette Lovely, Nancy Blade, Steve Umber, Mary Adams, and Rick Lopez.

This first session was for us to set the protocol and calendar for our future meetings.  We had a great discussion, with both teams giving input for our next meeting.

We have scheduled two more dates for negotiations:  Friday November 13, and Friday November 20.  Please wear blue on these dates to show our continued CSEA solidarity.

We will give future updates as we can.  Thanks for your support!!
Your 2009/2010 Negotiating Team

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