Urgent Health Care Flash!!! Action Needed.

As you most likely know, the Speaker Nancy Pelosi released her healthcare bill yesterday. Missing from it was an important amendment which would make it easier for States to establish a single payer healthcare system. This amendment was in HR 3200, but stripped out of the new bill released by the Speaker yesterday. California is in a unique position to help because the three key leaders who can help are from California: Miller, Waxman and Pelosi.

President Clark gave very direct instructions to use CSEA’s power to get the Kucinich amendment back into the bill and time is very short.

By way of background, once a bill is introduced, the Speaker and leadership team (including Committee chairs Waxman and Miller) will have to decide how they will deal with any changes members may want to propose. One possibility is that they will not take amendments to be debated individually on the floor of the House; one alternative would be to assess the strength of various proposed amendments, choose the ones they believe will attract additional votes (or not lose votes), and propose those as a group for a vote in a mangers’ amendment. This would present an opportunity for Rep. Kucinich and supporters to marshal arguments for picking up the ERISA waiver for single payer states, and including it in a managers’ amendment. The final version of the manager’s amendment is expected to be done by Monday in order to give the requisite 72 hours to review the legislation and amendments, so that the bill can be voted on Thursday. Time is short to change the leadership’s mind (Miller, Pelosi and Waxman)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi…DC 202-225-4965…SF 415-556-4862…

Representative George Miller…DC 202-225-2095…Concord 925-602-1880…

Representative Henry Waxman…DC 202-225-3976…LA 323-651-1040

With that in mind I am asking that you call all of their offices and leave the CSEA message…once you have called, please e-mail me at let me know how many calls you(and any others) have made on this issue…thanks…

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