Passing The Torch; Our New Webmaster

Group 2007-08It’s been almost two years since our chapter first dared to venture online. After returning from the 2008 “Member Unity Program”, a few of us gathered with much hope and enthusiasm and drafted this mission statement…

“Develop and implement a chapter website as a resource for us to gather and share information about events and topics important to us; an online newsletter of our distributed printed copy; and a place to hear questions, feedback and comments from our members.”

meatlaptopI’m proud to say that since then we’ve had over 13,000 visits, 105 articles, and over 230 comments by members. We have, without a doubt, succeeded in this quest and learned more than we ever bargained for. Personally it has been my pleasure to have played such a major role in a website that will continue to benefit our chapter for years to come.

But with all people-supported organizations there comes a time for those who serve to pass the torch so others can contribute and give back to an organization, a union, that has given us all so much. That time has come. robertpicI’d like to introduce to you Robert Moreno, our new web-master, an instructional aid at various sites in our district whose endless drive to learn new things – and creativity to express them – has already started to transform

I have trained Robert on most of the every day operations of running our website. I will continue to support him and will likely follow up with some advanced training in a few months. I have not, however, managed to completely absolve myself of any union responsibilities/duties – our present negotiations team has recruited me, and I will be attending the Organizing Institute for some training later this month.

DSCN3494Again, thank you to all who’ve made this website effective by contributing articles, making comments or just visiting the site every now and then. I only wish to see more of you volunteer your own time and by doing so learn what it really means to be part of a family at work.

Aydin Laghaie, Technology Service Technician and Active Member of CSEA

4 thoughts on “Passing The Torch; Our New Webmaster

  1. Joyce Scudellari

    Thank you for your hours and hours of dedicated service to all our members. I appreciate your hard work and wish you well in your new ventures.

  2. G fetter

    Aydin, thanks for all your hard work and opening the lines of communication that would otherwise have not happened! You are truly a valuable piece of the organization! Robert, welcome! You are going to do a great job…you had a great teacher!

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