Your CSEA negotiations team met with the District’s team for the 3rd time on 11/20/09, regarding 09/10 school year contract re-openers. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

1. Per the CSEA contract, we are in negotiations for reopeners only this year, as our full contract expires June 30, 2010. The District continues to express interest in an agreement that extends beyond the current contract.

2. The District again discussed their ideas for budget savings. CSEA headquarters is working on the budget analysis so we can better evaluate the District’s fiscal situation.

3. As of now, CSEA has NOT reached agreement with the District on any items. We have yet to receive a formal written proposal from the District.

Thank you again for wearing blue to show your support. Our next scheduled negotiations date is Friday December 4.

Protecting our future through bargaining,

Your 09/10 CSEA negotiations team – Allyson, Nancy, Cheryl, Job, Aydin, and Brady


Your CSEA negotiations team met with the District’s team for the 2nd time on 11/13/09 regarding 09/10 school year contract re-openers. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

1. Doug Domene gave us a revised budget presentation, which prompted our team to request more info on some items in the presentation. Mr. Domene expressed his willingness to listen to classified suggestions on cost-saving ideas. The CSEA team brought up the possibility of potential savings by modifying the District’s use of contractors.

2. CSEA has received budget documents from the District, and has sent them for analysis to determine the District’s financial strength (as is done each year when we negotiate). We will have a better understanding of the District’s financial health after we receive the budget analysis.

3. The District has not yet given us a formal written proposal; however, they have told us their “conceptual” proposal, which currently includes possible furlough days. Your team is exploring all options, and will investigate whether concessions are warranted in 09/10. The District also told us they anticipate health & welfare (insurance) discussions at a later date.

Thank you again for wearing blue to show your support. Our next scheduled negotiations date is Friday November 20.

Protecting our future through bargaining,

Your 09/10 CSEA negotiations team – Allyson, Nancy, Cheryl, Job, Aydin, and Brady

News Alert: Stop the phone calls on healthcare!

In what has become a hallmark of the healthcare negotiations in Congress, yesterday’s developments were old news by this morning. The closer the U.S. House of Representatives gets to voting on its healthcare bill, the more pressure mounts from all sides, but none more powerful than the insurance industry.

Last night, the insurance companies got their way. Nothing terrifies them more than single-payer healthcare, because they know it works in every single country that has adopted it.

Although Rep. Anthony Weiner pushed hard and secured a commitment from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to allow a vote on his single-payer amendment, this morning he withdrew the measure.

“I have decided not to offer a single-payer alternative to the health reform bill at this time,” Weiner said. “Given how fluid the negotiations are on the final push to get comprehensive healthcare reform that covers millions of Americans and contains costs through a public option, I became concerned that Continue reading “News Alert: Stop the phone calls on healthcare!”

The House will vote on HR 676! We made history!

Let’s make some more – keep those phones ringing…

Our actions with our allies over the past week – culminating in the civil disobedience at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office on Tuesday – appear to have been the tipping point in the fight to get a fair debate in Congress on CSEA-endorsed HR 676, a bill to establish a single-payer healthcare program that would be publicly financed but privately delivered (similar to Medicare).

Rep. Anthony Weiner announced Wednesday evening that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is keeping her promise to him to allow his single-payer amendment a full debate and vote on the House floor!


So let’s keep up the pressure. In fact, let’s step it up!

The Weiner amendment could be considered as early as the afternoon of Friday, November 6 so we need you to act today.

The Weiner amendment will provide an historic opportunity to have a straight up-and-down vote on single payer “Medicare for All” healthcare reform in Congress. We will finally get a fair debate in Congress on HR 676 and the merits of creating such a health program – a system that would cut healthcare costs, build on the strengths of Medicare and improve it, while expanding coverage to everyone.

Supporters of single-payer contend that a strong showing for the amendment will help set the stage for future healthcare reform activities and send the insurance industry a message that there is a strong single-payer block in Congress that will not tolerate their stranglehold on the delivery of healthcare to the American people.

House Speaker Pelosi has agreed to schedule a debate and vote on the Weiner Amendment prior to Saturday’s vote on the main bill. Pelosi’s action followed a week of intense pressure from single-payer supporters after she appeared to renege on her earlier agreement with Weiner to bring the amendment up before the full House.

Thousands of callers flooded congressional phone lines. In San Francisco, 12 activists–including representatives of CSEA, AFSCME and Grey Panthers–were arrested at a demonstration in Pelosi’s office. Similar demonstrations targeted Rep. George Miller and Rep. Henry Waxman.

Never before has Congress taken a floor vote on single-payer healthcare. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, we know our fight for secure, affordable, high quality healthcare is too important to back down now.

So we can’t let up.

Call Congress today!

Call your representative and state that you support the AFL-CIO’s endorsement of the Weiner amendment. Explain that, however they vote on the main healthcare bill, support for the Weiner amendment is crucial for the future of the movement for real healthcare reform. Ask them to put themselves on the record in support of healthcare as a fundamental human right! Keep it brief.

You can also reach the Washington office of your representatives by calling the Capitol Switchboard: 202-225-3121.

Next, call the House leadership to thank them for keeping their promise to allow the floor vote on the legislation.

Call Speaker Pelosi: (202) 225-4965

Call Bill Floor Manager Rep. George Miller: (202) 225-2095

Call Bill Floor Manager Rep. Henry Waxman: (202) 225-3976

Then pat yourself on the back for making history!

Action Alert!

Action Alert: Call for the Weiner Single Payer Amendment Today!

It appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is wavering on her promise to Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) to allow debate and a vote in the full House of Representatives on the Weiner Single Payer Amendment.

The Weiner Amendment would substitute the single payer language of HR 676 for the language of the proposed House Bill (H.R. 3962). This would be the first and only time that the full House would have an opportunity to debate and vote on single payer.

Congressman Peter Welch (D-VT), one of the seven co-sponsors of the Weiner Amendment in the Energy & Commerce Committee, is quoted in “The Hill” as predicting that the Weiner Amendment could get between 100 and 200 votes.
He estimated it would be in the “mid-100s”.

House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman publicly related Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s promise to allow Weiner to bring his single payer amendment to the House Floor. Pelosi, through Waxman, asked Weiner and the six co-sponsors to withdraw the amendment in Committee in return for being able to offer it in the full House. You can see Waxman making the promise on behalf of Pelosi here:


We urge you to call Speaker Pelosi’s Washington, DC office (202) 225-4965 and ask her to keep her promise to Representative Weiner and allow him to offer his Single Payer Amendment.

Also call Rep. Henry Waxman’s Washington, DC office (202) 225-3976 to ask him to urge the Speaker to honor her promise which he publicly conveyed to Rep. Weiner.

Call Rules Committee Chair Rep. Louise Slaughter, (202) 225-3615, and ask her to report the health reform bill to the floor of the House with a Rule that PERMITS consideration of the Weiner Amendment.

Call your Representative in Washington, DC (202) 224-3121 and ask that he/she contact the Speaker’s Office to urge her to honor her promise on the Weiner Amendment.

After you make your call(s) please e-mail me at and let me know how many calls you made…

Remember, every call counts…thanks…