Your CSEA negotiations team met with the District’s team for the 3rd time on 11/20/09, regarding 09/10 school year contract re-openers. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

1. Per the CSEA contract, we are in negotiations for reopeners only this year, as our full contract expires June 30, 2010. The District continues to express interest in an agreement that extends beyond the current contract.

2. The District again discussed their ideas for budget savings. CSEA headquarters is working on the budget analysis so we can better evaluate the District’s fiscal situation.

3. As of now, CSEA has NOT reached agreement with the District on any items. We have yet to receive a formal written proposal from the District.

Thank you again for wearing blue to show your support. Our next scheduled negotiations date is Friday December 4.

Protecting our future through bargaining,

Your 09/10 CSEA negotiations team – Allyson, Nancy, Cheryl, Job, Aydin, and Brady